Mostly used packing
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Octabins 1 x 20 kg paper sacks with PE inlay 1 x 20 kg non-slip PE bags 1 x 10 kg cartons 4 x 2,5 kg Retail packing 200 750 g Aseptic bag in box Frozen blocks in cartons 50 kg bags Bulk in tankers 170 kg Plastic or steel drums 1000 kg big bags
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Frozen vegetables Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick
Frozen rice cereals and pulses Tick Tick
Fruit and vegetable puree Tick Tick
Precooled fruit Tick Tick
This list is not closed – we are open to your suggestions and requirements on packing.
Minimum order quantity
MOQ is one full truckload of 32 – 33 euro pallets. This equals to roughly 17.000 kg – 21.000 kg in frigo truck and 25.000 kg in tanker depending on product. Combined loads of several products on the truck are also an option.
We can offer on FCA or DAP basis. We are ready to provide service to your door with qualified transport.